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THE CAPPIELLO.Jerry Cappiello.Liong The.

Jerry CAPPIELLO and Liong THE are the principals behind the New York interior and lifestyle design team THE CAPPIELLO.


Our job is to help you create a space for the next chapter of your life, a home which provides a balance between comfort and vision – who you are and who you are about to become.


Partnering with an elite network of collaborators and designers, as well as local craftsmen and artisans, we have designed everything from personal homes in the Hamptons to high profile commissions for luxury condominium lobbies and lounges.


We believe that the greatest design is the one that elevates and defines your personal vision and aesthetics. What you see, touch and use every day play an essential role in defining who you are. All the details should bring clarity, elegance and comfort; to live in a well designed space is to embrace the priorities in your life. 


Our creative strength is about helping you express the beautiful, unique space that belongs to you and that no one else can imagine.

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